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What is Youtheme?


We are a group of people inspired by the values of hope, compassion, dignity, solidarity and subsidiarity as provided by the Gospel and the Catholic Social Teaching. What guides us is the conviction that every young person should be able to live his/her life to the full. This in turn provides us with a solid value base towards the development of both our projects throughout the world, and the strengthening our relationships with our collaborators on the field.




Our Work


If you wish to get a visual idea of what we are doing and what volunteering projects look like, feel free to explore our PROJECTS page.


Why volunteer?

Volunteering is important work done by individuals to help people and communities grow and develop to their full potential.

It is not merely charity but the recognition that every person has a responsibility towards the most vulnerable in society. A volunteer is a person who realizes that he/she can make a difference to others.

There are also benefits to doing voluntary work such as making new friends, get to know other cultures and customs, develop new skills, and identify your strengths and make a positive change in the community.

Learn more about the European Solidarity Corps on how to become a volunteer or contact us  to guide you through the process.

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Get In Touch

If you are a young person interested in volunteering or simply want to be a participant to one of our local and European projects. We will be happy to guide you through the process to become a volunteer with ESC or inform you about any projects available at the moment.

If you are a community leader or youth leader with ideas and motivation or an organisation wishing to collaborate . We are always thrilled with new energy, ideas and projects. Reach out to us. Let's see if we can work together.

Any additional queries? Feel free to proceed to our Contact page.

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Youtheme Foundation regularly supports young people, their initiatives and communities that are in need.

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